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  1. Kevin Williams Says:

    I tried several time to submit an email about the Rendezvous Contest but for some reason your email address was rejected. I love my wife we have been married 28 years and thats why I’ve searched so hard to find some way to get you an email.If you get this please text 316-519-3887 and i will respond asap.Again thank you and hope Mrs.Tiffany reads this.

  2. Tiffany Williams-Jallow Says:


    Please try

    Perhaps you were missing the “s”
    on the end of relationships.


    I hope you win! Your wife sounds like a lovely woman.


  3. Robert Alfred Taylor Jr. Says:

    Hello Mrs. Jallow,

    I just found out about your online radio station. I think it is great! I have been promoting my new book called “RELATIONSHIPS” The Complete Black Men’s Guide to Developing Healthy Relationships, You Can’t Practice What you Do Not Know, Treat Her Like a Lady! My book show’s men how to get back to the basic’s on how to respect, pursue develop and maintain healthy relationships with women. I also have somethings for the women as well. I would like to send you a packet about my book and maybe I could be featured on your show. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you!

  4. Fia Says:

    The blog looks great and has much to offer. Thanks for your perserverance.

  5. Christina Perez Says:

    I like this blog also. It has got some very unique and valuable content!

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